Sol effect Policies & Terms
We at Sol Effect Enterprises have as a principal goal to provide the best
products and prices, keeping low price without low the quality of the
products and at the same time to serve our customers as a family person to
person no machine to person, our prices and terms can change at any time
but we will keep you updated with any change we may have, this policies
and terms are with the only purpose to have clear the transaction between
Us as a supplier and You as a customer so please read it and if any
question you can call us at (626)599-8277 or e mail us at
 it will be our pleasure to give you the best answer

  • our principal is set to $100.00 per order as a minimum order, we may
    sell under that minimum but with a fee of $15.00 if under the minimum
  • Terms to the new customers we don't offer any term all the orders will
    need to be prepaid unless special case, in order to get Terms we
    request to have good clean buying history  with us, so we can give
    you a terms credit request form and after submitted it will need to be
    approved in order to get it.
  • as a method of payment we accept the following: Visa, Master Card,
    Wire Transfer, Money Order, Cashiers Check, Company Check for
    the credit card payment we don't charge any bank fee.
  • return checks are subject to $30.00 fee
  • if payment is made with a company check, the goods will be release
    till check is clear, if payment is by Wire in we will release the goods a
    soon deposit shows in our bank.
  • when you get terms, any past due invoice will be subject to 1.5%
    monthly fee accumulated to the balance in mention.
  • ordering can be made by e mail same as above, by phone 626-599-
    8277, by fax 626-599-9897 and by a order form we have in this web
    site , after you submit your order we will send you a copy for your
    review and approval before proceed.
  • method of shipping can be by UPS, Priority Mail, Freight Truck, Map
    Cargo , if you have an account with Fed Ex it can be use as long you
    do the schedule and labels or Call it In
  • we have a 24 hours to ship your order if everything is clear and
    approved , but can be able to ship the same day if order is place
    before noon or no later than 12:30 pm
  • if delivery is made and you have shortage or damage goods please
    make notation on bill of lading before sign of receipt.
  • if there is a shortage, damage or manufacturing defect please report
    the issue between the next 72 hours of receipt of the goods, we will
    need pictures showing the problem and we will send you an
    authorization form for return, exchange or credit after we received
    the filled form we will review it and reply with our best solution to the
    problem of curse we will take serious your request.
  • Returned items because you can't sale can be accepted if no more
    than a year from the date of purchase and not scratched , dirty and
    missing parts it will get 20% re stocking fee.
  • prices and policies are subject to change without notice, but because
    customer  first we will keep you updated with any change we make.
  • occasionally we ran out of some items, but we will try to upgrade to a
    better product at the same price if we have it and you approve it.
  • sales tax will be exempt if we have a copy of your seller permit if don't
    have it we can still do the sale but charging the required tax by the
  • information we collect will be just the one you provide to do the
     business  will  not share with third parties it will be use just for             
the transaction between customer and supplier.
  • for the OEM transactions we will protect your privacy and will not
    reveal who our customers are so you can rely in us.
  • after more than 20 years in business under the same name we are
    reliable and know very well that in order to earn your business we
    have to keep good product quality at affordable price and service  
    During all these years we are witnesses of how our clients business
    grow and we invite you to give us a try you will not be  disappointed
  • Thank you for your visit and business if you have any question you
    know how to contact us @ customer service ,