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Opening an Account
Firstly Thank you for arrive to this page, it is very easy to open an
account with us before that we encourage you to read our Terms
and Policies  
Terms & Policies
After reading it if you agree with our Terms & Policies you can go
ahead and fill it up our dealer application form , with this information
we can be able to create your account with us and for you to start
buying our products. Together with the dealer application please
submit your seller permit or business license , it is requested by the
Law to have it in file available . Other way will need to pay taxes
Here the dealer application form
Dealer Application Form

Here the Seller Permit Form -------Resale Permit Form
Please fill it up the forms save it or print and send them back by fax
to (626) 599-9897 or E mail it , a soon receive we will create your
account and start doing business .

Thank you for your visit and we are looking forward to the future